Bulan: Mei 2010

Javelin Curve 8900 Willyboy v5.1 .680/.689/.699/.705 Hybrid OS

Iseng2 cek driphter.com ternyata v5.1 udah dirilis untuk publik.

This is by far my most “out of the box hybrid”. I dropped the base java down to .680 because I feel the 9700 Bold files yield a better balance of battery life and performance than the 9000 Bold files. I included some .689 Pearl files for some improved benchmarks and the Pearl files didn’t disappoint. The bulk of this hybrid is made up of .699 files from the 9650. These files were SO compatible with the .680 files it wasn’t even funny! To top things off I included some .705 keys to speed things up a bit. The browser is a “hybrid” mix of .699 and .705 (no pun intended).



Kembali ke Javelin Curve 8900 Willyboy 8900 v3.1 .601/.612 Hybrid OS

Setelah melalang buana dari Willyboy v3.1, v4, v4.1, v4.2, v4.3, v4.4 dan v5.0.1. Aku memutuskan untuk kembali ke v3.1. Mungkin ini akhir dari petualangan OS Hybrid ku. Sama seperti yang lain, setiap kita pasti akan kembali ke tempat yang menurut kita ‘nyaman’. Nyaman dengan definisi masing2 tentunya. Aku, menemukan itu di v3.1 ini.


Official OS For 8900 From Hutchinson

Wah akhirnya ada Official rilis untuk Curve 8900.

Software For BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 8900 smartphone BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.1168 (EastAsia)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

  • Applications:
  • Software Platform:
  • File name: 8900jEastAsia_PBr5.0.0_rel1168_PL5.2.0.67_A5.0.0.681_Hutchison.exe
  • File size: 123.14MB

Download Official 5.0.0681 disini | Local Disini

Cara Upgrade OS 4.0 ke OS 5.0 Disini

Slackware 13.1 released

Yes, it’s that time again! After many months of development and
careful testing, we are proud to announce the release of Slackware
version 13.1!

We are sure you’ll enjoy the many improvements. We’ve done our best
to bring the latest technology to Slackware while still maintaining the
stability and security that you have come to expect. Slackware is well
known for its simplicity and the fact that we try to bring software to
you in the condition that the authors intended.

Mister Pat sampe lupa buat annouce ke milis Slackware untuk prihal rilis 13.1 ini. Hehehe,.. mungkin karena faktor umur kali yah 😀